Nuform Clinic, is located at Hair and Body the Willows, all treatments are completed by Shane who has over 21yrs experience in the hairdressing and beauty sector. 

Nuform Clinic offers Hairdressing, Beauty, Tattooing, Body Piercings, Dermal Piercing, SPMU, Micro-Blading, Nails, Hair Extensions and many more treatments. All the prices for these will be the same as Hair & Body unless stated otherwise on this Nuform page.  

To speak to Shane and to book and Appointment call 07563074018 , you can also call the salon on 01206570032 to book an appointment. 

Universal Contour Wrap Treatment

Universal Body Contour Wrap is a scientifically proven inch loss treatment which guarantees you’ll lose at least 6 inches from all areas of the body, making it the perfect solution when you have to look your best for that special occasion or to purely kick-start a detox or weight loss plan.

Your wrapped in bandages containing a warm clay solution. Everyday sins including caffeine, alcohol, smoking and even pollution are drawn out by the clay through your open pores, allowing your soft fatty tissue to compact to leave a softer, firmer skin.

* Please bring a spare pair of underwear for Body Wrap treatments.

Full Body £70

Partial Body £37.50

Course of 4 Treatments £240

Nail Treatments 

Shane is an experts in nail technology and will use his expertise to help all nail conditions. So, whether you are a long term nail biter, suffer from flaky, split nails or if your nails are soft and weak and just never grow, he can help you discover the beauty of healthy, strong and groomed nails usually within an eight week time frame.

Acrylic Nail Extensions £35

Acrylic Nail Infills £25

Nourishing Acrylic Nail Extensions are gentle on your nails and allow all moist and nutrients to penetrate the nails, whilst giving you the desired nails you want.  

Nourishing Acrylic Nails £32.50

Nourishing Acrylic Infills £22.50

K-Straight Ionic

The straightening crème contains ceramides that restructure damaged hair fibre.

Employs thio-technology to ensure that the recommended exposure time is never exceeded.

Contains Keravis Active Care Complex that penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside. Triples the hair's strength.

Specially formulated for permanent straightening processes using heat. Thermal spray with cationic agents that protect the hair from the heat of the ceramic irons while facilitating straightening due to their cationic charges.

Result: Permanent straightening and hair that is three times as strong.


A facial will help your skin look and feel healthy. Shane can provide you with a range of facials that will leave your skin more luminous, revitalised and invigorated. Shane will help you choose the right treatment based on your skin type.

Express Facial £25

Deep Cleanse Facial £35

Anti Aging Facial £40

Acne Treatment Facial £45 - £55

Eye Treatments

Eyelash Lift £40

Eyelash Lift & Tint £50

Body Treatment 

Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment £90 (includes Aftercare products)

Often the back doesn't get the attention that it deserves, with a back facial you can relieve stress and deep cleanse that hard-to-reach area in one go. Firstly, Shane then applies a cleanser to the skin on your back, followed by an exfoliant with a gentle scrub to clean out pores. Then an extraction takes place by removing impurities from beneath the skin's surface. After, a mask is applied to deeply nourish the skin. Finally, your back is given a stress relieving moisturiser. Whether you suffer from back acne or fancy a relaxing treat, the experts at Stratford Salon can bring you a relaxing, pampering experience with the added benefits of a deeply cleansed and polished back ready to wear that backless dress.

Back Facial £45


Nostril Waxing £10

Men's Intimate Waxing  - Price on consultation

Chest Waxing £25

Abdomen Waxing £25

Chest & Abdomen £40

Back Waxing (half) £25

Back Waxing (full) £35

Chest & Back Wax £40

For all other waxing prices, please see Hair & Body's Beauty Page

Body Piercing

Surface Piercings from £40

Snake Bite (plain bar) £40

Snake Bite (jewelled bar) £50

Spider Bite (plain bar) £40

Spider Bite (jewelled bar) £50

Web Piercing (ring) £25

Web Piercing (plain bar) £30

Web Piercing (jewelled bar) £35

Micro-Dermal Piercing (plain bar 1) £45

Micro-Dermal Piercing (plain bar 2) £60

Micro-Dermal Piercing (plain bar 3) £80

Micro-Dermal Piercing (jewelled bar 1) £50

Micro-Dermal Piercing (jewelled bar 2) £75

Micro-Dermal Piercing (jewelled bar 3) £90

For all other piercing prices, please see Hair & Body piercing page. 


Tattooing - Price on consultation 

located at Hair and Body Salon is a tattoo folder of design or please being your own design for a Quote.