Don't let an unwanted or unsightly tattoo stop you from wearing the clothes you want or stand in the way of your career!

Are you fed up of wearing long sleeve shirts in the summer, or covering up when everyone else is stripping off?

Or perhaps your tattoo serves as an, all too permanent reminder to an uncomfortable or unwanted memory?

Until recently getting an unwanted tattoo removed has been a daunting task, but now there is a revolutionary method of ink extraction developed in the USA to remove that tattoo quickly, easily and permanently.

The e-raze system works much like having the original tattoo, but instead of ink uses a specially formulated cream that bonds with the original tattoo ink and draws it to the skin surface. The cream doesn't remain in the skin, or replace the tattoo and the treatment is so effective that a tattoo can usually be completely removed in Just three or four sessions, compared to the dozens of treatments required by laser removal methods.

How e-raze compares to laser

e-raze is possibly the least painful method currently known for tattoo removal without resorting to use of general or local anaesthetic. As the process uses the same tattoo method you have already been through it is no more painful than that.

e-raze is the fastest non-surgical treatment to completely remove a tattoo. It takes between six to eight weeks for the treated area to heal sufficiently between treatments. This allows a tattoo to be removed in a matter of months.

e-raze is the most affordable. Compared to the numerous treatments laser removal requires, the savings soon add up.

e-raze is proven. This treatment process has been researched and developed over ten years and in use worldwide for over five years with many clinics in the United States now offering the treatment. Some laser clinics have even changed to using this system.

From £75