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Rejuvi Spotaway technique is simple and a quick technique. The treatment for one spot merely take a few minutes, then keep away from contact with water for 10-12 hours. The spot will peel off in 4 to 7 days. It is applicable to brown spots, liver spots, freckles, benign moles and skin tags (not large hyperpigmention)


Brown spots and common moles are difficult to remove. Traditional hydroquinone, even at high concentrations, has a very limited efficacy. Furthermore, removing brown spots often causes a color regeneration problem - the spot comes back after a short time. Rejuvi Spotaway is an advanced technique that causes melanin to separate from normal skin tissue and finally peel off. Moreover, Rejuvi Spotaway can disturb the skin's "memory" to minimize the "spot regeneration" problem. It is safer than eletrocautery and laser mthods.

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Before                                                    After

Before                                            After